Our collective SOAP delves deeply into the realm of online environments and social media platforms. Our focus and captivation revolve around the exploration of space, its inception, inhabitation, and the interplay of political and social influences within digital domains.

We passionately embrace a diverse range of time-based media, such as film, video games, walking sims, extended reality formats, and other digital technologies, to visualize and stage our investigations. 

SOAP is interested in the entan-
glement of documentary and fiction, in participatory approaches and in the construction of alternative forms of narration to communicate architectural ideas and speculations.

By uniting researchers and practitioners
from diverse fields, including architecture, scenography, and new media arts, we strive to unlock alternate perspectives on the profound implications of virtual spaces in our contemporary society.

A fundamental pillar of SOAP is our dedication to educational initiatives. We actively foster and promote the ex-
change of architectural knowledge on a global scale, engaging with both institutional and non-institutional educational platforms.

THEIR WORK HAS BEEN PRESENTED INTERNATIONALLY INCLUDING:Centre Pompidou (Paris), Transmediale (Berlin), the Museum of Art and Design (New York), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), FILE (Sao Paulo), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Strelka Institute (Moscow), ISEA (Hong Kong), Elektra (Montreal), China Museum of Digital Arts (Beijing), and the Chaos Computer Congress (Hamburg)… Their work has been featured in: Forbes, Vice, Wired, Motherboard, Libération, Die Zeit, Arte TV, Next Nature, Hyperallergic, Le Temps,, Digicult, Gizmodo, Seattle Weekly,, and Filmmaker Magazine among others.

THEY HAVE RECEIVED AWARDS INCLUDING:Research fellowships at UC Berkeley, TU Dublin, Durham University (2022-24)
CNC Dicream, Grant for the Post Growth Prototypes series, Paris (2022)
Lumen Prize 2022 Nominees, UK (2022)
Starts Prize 2022 Nominees, Linz (2022)
Co-Grantees of Horizon 2020 MSCA RISE: NEST (2021-25)
Opline Prize: Disruptive Art (Curators Prize), Paris (2021)
New commision by Ars Electronica Center, Linz (2021-23)
New commision by The Photographers’ Gallery, London (2021)
Fellowship at UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (2020-22)
Fellowship at the University of California, Irvine (2019)
The WRO Biennale Awards (Critics and Art Editors), Wroclaw (2019)
Design Trust Grant, Hong Kong (2018)
Fellowship at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam (2018-2020)
Fellowship at UCL Louvain (2018)
First Prize for Digital Arts from Arte Laguna (2016)
Award for Artistic Technology Research, Vienna (2015)

SELECTED ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS:Makery, Post Growth: The Biosphere’s Work and The Solar Salary (2/2), March 23, 2021
Makery, Post Growth: a Toolkit for Radical Transitions (1/2), March 1, 2021, POST GROWTH. Ideas and toolkit for a world in crisis Oct 21, 2020, A Bestiary of the Anthropocene. Hybrid plants, animals, minerals... March 19, 2021
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ZéroDeux, Disnovation, interview with Nicolas Maigret, Summer, 2016
Wired, The Pirate Cinema Trasforms Film Torrents into Illicit Interactive Art, May 30, 2013


Dominic Schwab is an architect, teacher and researcher based in Vienna and Innsbruck. Since 2020, he is a faculty member at the ./studio3, Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. He is currently pursuing a PhD with a research focus on the spectrality of media-technologies and how they inform a spatial design practice that reflects on architecture in the age of archives. He has also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is a regular academic guest & critic at various institutions, such as the Chair for Digital Architectonics, ITA, ETH Zürich, the Institute for Architecture and Media, University of Graz and the Department for Architecture Theory and the Philosophy of Technics, Vienna University of Technology. In 2022 he co-founded PARABOL, an association that aims at advancing artistic research and SOAP, an architectural practice that explores the architecture of virtual spaces and its social, political and cultural implications. His work has been widely screened and exhibited, including Ars Electronica Barcelona Garden 2021, AUT Innsbruck 2021, Greenwich Heritage Gallery London 2016, Wien Museum 2016, Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2016/17/18 amongst others.


Bettina Katja Lange, born in 1987 in Leisnig, is a stage and costume designer.

Her artistic work moves between film, theatre and performances, with a focus on exploring the documentary power of theatre and digital media.

After her graphic design training, she studied stage and costume design at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden, where she discovered her passion for experimental theatre.

After her studies, she spent six months in Hyderabad and Bangalore, where she documented the changes and developments in the city's cultural scene. Her work has been significantly influenced by renowned leading theatres in Germany and Switzerland such as the Opera and the Schauspielhaus in Zurich, the Basel Opera, the Munich Kammerspiele, the Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) Berlin, the Thalia Theater Hamburg, as well as the Whooster Group and the Performance Space Theatre 122 in New York, USA. Her latest cinematic work is the Canadian, Sri Lankan feature film Roobha directed by Lenin M. Sivam, which opened at the 42nd Montreal World Film Festival 2018. The play Kill the Audience, directed by Rabih Mroué, will be shown by the Münchner Kammerspiele during the current season.


Uwe Brunner is an architect, experience designer, teacher and researcher based in Milan and Vienna. Since 2019, he has been a faculty member at the ./studio3, Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. He is currently pursuing a PhD with a research focus on the Essay, its affective and cognitive modalities, and its potential for space-making in digital environments.
His work has been widely screened and exhibited, including at the New Media Art Museum La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, MAK, Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, and the Goethe-Institut in Beijing.
He is co-founder of SOAP, an online architecture practice, and co-founder of the Vienna Architecture Summer School.